Is Chiropractic Safe?

I often get the question is chiropractic safe. Very often potential new patients are scared away due to misconceptions and bad information. 

The answer is: Yes! Chiropractic is Safe

From a statistical standpoint, spine surgery has a much higher incidence rate of serious side effects at the rate of 1,800 per 1 million versus <1 per 1 million treatments in chiropractic. 

My alma mater, Palmer College, has published a lot of research on the safety and effectiveness of Chiropractic.

BOOM!!! I Just Got Rear-Ended...OUCH!!!

BOOM!!! I Just Got Rear-Ended...OUCH!!!

Car accidents are a leading cause of whiplash injuries, resulting in muscle tears, sprains, ligament damage and chronic neck pain, Enliven Chiropractic is set up to find, document and treat these injuries. Even low speed collisions can cause significant damage.

We are currently accepting a limited number of auto accident / personal injury patients. If you or someone you know was recently injured in a auto accident, please contact us to a patient acceptance interview.  

These 5 Basic Actions Take You to Vibrant Good Health

These 5 Basic Actions Take You to Vibrant Good Health

Ask a group of people where they hold their stress, and you’ll get a variety of answers. Some carry it in their stomach, some in their head, some in their neck and shoulders, and some in their low back. Ask them how they deal with stress and you're likely to get the same variety of answers. We have compiled a list of five easy action steps to assist you in managing daily stress and lead you to vibrant good health.

Chiropractic with a Gentle Touch

Have you ever wanted to try Chiropractic but hate the thought of having your neck twisted? There are many techniques in the Chiropractic field. At Enliven Chiropractic, we utilize a state-of-the-art technique called Atlas Orthogonal. The primary adjustment is delivered with a gentle percussive force (sound wave) with the patient laying on their side. After the adjustment, your body is given time to rest and acclimate to this new alignment. 

If you are searching for a gentle approach to chiropractic or have been told by a non-chiropractic physician that you can never be adjusted, call me for a consultation. Our gentle approach is great for children, adults and seniors. 

We have video of the chiropractic adjusting technique on our Atlas Orthogonal page.  

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