Custom Shoe Orthotics

Enliven Chiropractic is proud to offer Power Step customized light orthotics. The shoe inserts are made in our Bridgeport office in about 10 minutes. Perfect for foot pain, plantar fasciitis, chronic back discomfort, hip and knee pain. 

Orthotics for Feet Pain 

Your feet need support. Whether you stand on concrete all day or rarely get up from your desk job. Your feet are not working the way they were designed. Custom orthotics provide that extra support. 

Orthotics for Back Pain

A unstable foot causes instability in the pelvis and throughout the spine. Custom made orthotics will assist in stabilizing your pelvis and reducing back pain from chronic instability. 

Pricing for orthotics

Customized orthotics at Enliven Wellness cost $150. This is about half price of most customized orthotics out there. 

I want a custom pair of custom orthotics.... 

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