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Healthy Start is a Professional Grade 60 Day Diet & Nutritional Support Program- This is fantastic weight loss

Are you tired of being tired? Sick of feeling sick? Do you have frequent gastrointestinal issues, chronic inflammation or constant bloating?

The root cause may lie in your gut! A leaky gut causes three major problems:

  1. You fail to absorb nutrients that aid in your body's healing and day to day activities.
  2. You absorb toxins that should pass through your system and be excreted.
  3. The balance between immunity and tolerance to absorbed particles changes and autoimmune disorders can occur.

If you're serious about wanting to heal, It's time for a major change. 60 days is all it takes to get a jumpstart on your health. The 2015 Healthy Start program is designed to start the new year off right.

About the Cleanse

2015 Healthy Start is a program specifically designed to help your body heal from the inside out. The system is designed to treat a major cause of many health issues. The focus will be on improving gastrointestinal distress and improving your subconscious thinking patterns about food and eating.

This is not a diet in the traditional sense! The goal of this program is to heal your GI system. However, very common side effects are weight lossbetter energy levels, reduced inflammation and less body pain.

The Plan

We all need support in life changing events. This program has been specifically designed by Dr. Leonette and Dr. Pinto to repair your gastrointestinal wall and reprogram your brain. The program has been successful on hundreds of our patients. The program includes:

  • 60 Day Supply of Detoxification and Nutritional Supplements
  • Elimination Diet Program
  • MindSpa Sessions to Reprogam Your Thinking & Behaviors
  • Baseline and Monthly Metabolic Urine Tests
  • Nutritional Blood Testing
  • Weekly Progress Evaluations by Dr. Leonette & Dr. Pinto
  • Supportive Group Meetings
  • Healthy Recipes and Food Blog
  • Exercise Routine that is Manageable

Three Options to Meet Your Health Needs

The Doctor is Doing the Cleanse Too!

Dr. Leonette has coached many patients on this program, but 2015 Healthy Start will provide a different experience.

Not only will Dr. Leonette be coaching this program, he is also be participating. You will be able to track his progress and get real life experience feedback throughout the process. Recipes will be the same that he and his wife prepare for their family.

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About Your Team

2015 Healthy Start is hosted at by Dr. James Leonette at Enliven Chiropratic in Bridgeport, WV. He has a passion for improving the health of others through correcting physical, nutritional and energetic imbalances 

Dr. John Pinto will serve as the technical director of the program. He is a Certified Clinic Nutritionist, Diplomate of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition (DACBN) and Diplomate of the Chiropractic Board of Clinical Nutrition (DCBCN). He is the founder of Advanced Wellness of Westfield, a functional medicine and chiropractic center in northern New Jersey.

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