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Holistic Healthcare in Bridgeport, WV

Your body is an amazing self healing organism. You are meant to be energetic, vibrant and full of life. With proper nutrition, energy input and removal of toxins, your body can operate the way it is designed. Long term untreated disease states rob you of your well-being, health and enjoyment of life.

Holistic healthcare addresses the underlying cause of your disease; it is not the practice of symptom treatment or disease care. Dr. James Leonette use a systematic and science based approach to identify where your body systems are working too hard or inappropriately. The holistic approach allows us to study and address many areas of your health. We look at your body, blood chemistry, meridians, diet and much more. 

We work to identify what the culprit is! In many cases it may be an unknown autoimmune disease, low utilization of energy, viral infection or heavy metal toxicity. When the body is under high level of stress, it simply does not have the energy resources needed to handle it. When your energy levels are depleted, the body in not able to properly handle many day-to-day activities from excreting toxins to breaking down unneeded antibodies. Inability to handle these routine stresses leads to many chronic disease states including:

Dr. Leonette at Enliven Wellness treats the person, not the disease to restore your health.

Dr. Leonette at Enliven Wellness treats the person, not the disease to restore your health.

"We don't treat the disease, we evaluate the person looking for each co-cause and treat each of those" - Dr. Robert DeMartino

Customized Comprehensive & Natural Approach 

The Holistic Healthcare model is a complementary and alternative medicine practice that focuses on restoring the health of the whole person, not just the disease state. It separate from the allopathic model of using synthetic and artificial drugs. It relies on restoring the body's chemical and energetic balance to restore the natural health balance.

Our system combines advanced laboratory testing, in-office biochemical tests, physical exam and a careful review of your case. With this data, Dr. Leonette will determine if your are candidate for treatment. Treatments range from nutrition modifications, dietary supplements and life style changes to in office sessions with our state of the art equipment.

We guide patients to healthier lifestyles and habits, without the toxic side effects of drugs. All product recommendations are non-pharmaceutical and are designed to stimulate the body's natural ability to overcome its environment rather than to suppress a symptom.

Holistic & Laboratory Testing

Blood Test

Blood laboratory tests identify systems of your body that are not functioning properly. The extensive testing program that we utilize helps to identify chemical imbalances that are deficient or toxic. This data is crucial in being pro-active in correcting the dysfunctions and bring your blood chemistry back into normal ranges for healthy people.

Dr. Leonette will identify and order the appropriate tests to review your body's systems current functional state. The process is easy and cost-effective, especially if the process is done before significant disease states have emerged; however, the longer you wait to identify and fix problem areas, the more expensive and difficult the solution will be.

Urine Tests

Our in-house metabolic tests are an effective way to identify body systems that are not working properly.  Our comprehensive panels examine toxic load, kidney function and heavy metal excretion. 

Doctor Patient Time

We realize that having a thorough exam and discussion with your doctor is not a common occurrence now. We like to spend time with our patient to ensure that we have identified all underlying causes and make adjustments as you progress throughout the program. 

Alternative Medical Treatment

Treatment usually has several components that is specifically selected to improve your health. 

  1. Specifically selected natural remedies and herbal treatments. These are premium products that have been sourced from reputable manufacturers.
  2. In office therapies. We utilize many forms of treatments and therapies that are designed to balance your system and restore the energy required for healing and metabolism.
  3. Diet modification may include Ketogenic diets, SIBO diets, vegan diets, eating right for your blood type.
  4. Physical and energetic treatments including chiropractic and acupuncture. 

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