Enliven Chiropractic Welcomes Medicare Patients

Attention Medicare Patients

Enliven Chiropractic participates with Medicare and we welcome you to our office. We would like to take this opportunity to explain what Medicare covers and does not cover in a chiropractic setting.

 Medicare Covers:

 Active/Corrective Spinal Manipulations (Chiropractic Adjustments)

They Do Not Cover:

 Initial Office Exam (done during initial office visit)

 Subsequent Office Exam (done anytime a review is needed or new injury occurs)

 X-rays ordered by a Chiropractor even if not performed in our office

 Labs ordered by a Chiropractor even if not performed in our office

 Physical Therapy/Laser Therapy done in a chiropractic office

 Nutritional Supplements

 Nutritional Consultations

 Manipulations (Adjustments) of any area other than the spine (shoulders, head, knees etc.)

 Maintenance Spinal Manipulations (Adjustments)

 Durable Medical Equipment

How will my supplement help?

A Medicare Supplement, depending upon your plan, such as AARP, Bankers Life, Royal Neighbors, etc. will only consider/cover the co-insurance and deductible on the service that Medicare pays for under the above stated “They Cover” section.

How will a “true” secondary work?

A true secondary typically will cover what Medicare does not pay for in a chiropractic setting. A “true” secondary may or may not have a deductible that needs satisfied prior to their payment on claims. Each secondary is structured uniquely and we will call to verify your benefit with your company. Please understand that what we are told by the insurance company is the customer service representative’s understanding and interpretation of your policy and it does not guarantee payment.

Please note: There are times when the “true” secondary will not pay due to their fee structures and allowances which then leaves you responsible even though you have a secondary insurance.

Your Responsibility

It is your responsibility to supply us with accurate & current Medical ID cards.

It is your responsibility to pay all non-covered services.

It is your responsibility to pay all co-insurance amounts if you do not have a supplement policy and if your “true” secondary will not be making payment.

It is your responsibility to verify your insurance benefits.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us by calling (304) 933-9355.