Natural Treatment for Men's Health

Holistic Treatment for low energy, low libido and high stress. 

Low Energy is men is very common. If you are experiencing low energy, high stress, chronic fatigue or low libido, natural help is available. Call me to schedule a confidential consultation at (304) 933-3955. 

Enliven Wellness offers holistic treatment and alternative medicine care for men with low energy, chronic fatigue, myalgia and reduced sex drive. Many of the symptoms are related to low testosterone and dysfunction of the endocrine/hormone system, thyroid and adrenal glands. 

How does Functional Medicine program works for men:

  1. Schedule a confidential consultation with Dr. Leonette. At that time we will discuss your health history and develop a road map for your comprehensive exam and laboratory testing.
  2. On the exam day, be prepared to spend 1-1.5 hours at the office (this can be that same as consultation day if requested). A physical exam, functional neurology exam, urinalysis, blood analysis and toxicity tests will be performed. A requisition for blood work may be given and/or blood draw at the office.
  3. A follow up with all findings will be given after all information is compiled. A full plan will be presented to address your underlying health issues.
  4. Treatment will begin and typically lasts from 2-6 months. Visit frequency is managed to fit into your life's schedule. 
  5. All dietary supplements and herbal remedies will be included in the total plan and be provided.