Welcome to Enliven Chiropractic

New Patient Information

We take pride is evaluating each person's case to ensure that they are a great fit for the services we provide. To ensure optimal time and attention, please follow these steps to start your care. 

  1. Please call us at (304) 933-9355 to schedule a new patient appointment. 
  2. Complete the New Patient Intake Form (link is below). 
  3. Arrive with your paperwork completed approximately 10 minutes early.  
  4. Please dress comfortably. Sweat pants or leggings are ideal for individuals with low back or lower extremity complaints. 
  5. X-rays will be taken, if indicated. 
  6. The doctor will need time to review your exam information, x-ray listings and radiology report. Typically, a second visit will be required before treatment is given.