Chiropractor Recommended Mattress

Innate Mattress Marketing

Finding a comfortable, yet supportive mattress can be a challenge. Most people are looking for mattresses that are good for your back and reduce back pain in the morning. The Innate Sleep System is the mattress that I recommend as a chiropractor.

Enliven Chiropractic has a demo unit in the office that you are welcome to try out. Bring your pillow and spend some time on it to see if it fits your body.

The Innate Sleep Website is packed full of information. Some of the highlights of this mattresses system:

The mattress is more supportive than memory foam and is less expensive that memory foam systems. Click here for pricing. 

Try it Out

Enliven Chiropractic has a demo unit in our reception area. Stop by and try it out.

Order an Innate Sleep System

Email or fax your order form to (304) 278-3348. Call us with any questions at (304) 933-9355