Brandi H. 

I am 6 months pregnant and had not slept in 4 days because I was in so much pain. I have been having pain in my hips and lower back. I called on Thursday and thankfully Yvette was able to get in me in to see Dr. Leonette. I was able to sleep all night on Thursday (except for the occasional bathroom trip) and still feel great. Pregnancy can be uncomfortable enough at times without the extra pain and being able to have that gone in a 30min visit is unexplainable. I am so grateful that Enliven Chiropractic was able to see me and help me! I love the fact that they are able to accommodate someone who is pregnant because not all places can do this. Thank you so much for making me feel GREAT!!

Tanya R.

I had an excellent experience at Enliven Chiropractic today. I went in unable to turn my head completely to the left and walked out of the office being able to practically look over my shoulder. If you have considered seeing a chiropractor but are afraid of the typical cracking and popping, you need to give Enliven Chiropractic a call. This was the easiest adjustment I have ever had, no cracking or popping. Very pleasant experience, loved the office, the staff and Dr. Leonette. Thanks doc!!


This is my 7th visit.  I had spine-lower back-hips adjusted and I feel good.

Tammy K.

Arrived at Enliven with serve pain in my left thumb, do to arthritis. After the 1st visit i felt great relief, and mobility.  I also needed a re-alignment to bring myself back to the center.  Feeling Great!  The staff is extremely friendly,helpful and the whole team takes an interest in your well being.  The "Magic Chair" is great too.

Danielle M.

I'm moving better than i have moved for a long time.  My neck doesn't hurt when i wake up of a morning anymore. I can walk further now without any pain in my hips, and lower back.

Mary Kay P.

For many years, I suffered with serve back pain from herniated and bulging disk in my back and neck.  The pain was debilitating and life altering, and i was forced to limit physical activity, such as excercise, house cleaning, and enjoying life with my children and grandchildren.  I rarely enjoyed a restful night sleep which made it difficult to work full time.

Since being in Dr. Leonette's care, I have experienced a significant improvement in my back pain, and have seen an improvement with every visit.  I have been able to increase physical activites, resuming an active walking program and enjoying normal activites with my family such as attending all of my grandson's sporting events.

Based on my personal experience, I highly recommend Dr. Leonette to anyone who is suffering with back and neck pain.


I have been coming to Enliven since I was 4 months pregnant. I was having issues with my siatic while pregant, and i was in so much pain I almost couldn't get out of bed.  After 1 visit I was able to walk without pain, and get out of bed on my own.  I came all through out my pregnancy and right after giving birth.  I also had a lot of pain after giving birth that my general doctor could not figure out.  The pain was so bad the I couldn't stand my son's changing table to change him. I came to Enliven and Dr. Leonette told me some excersices and a belt to order, and within a few days the pain was so much better.  I even brought my son to see Dr. Leonette for problems he was having with spitting up after every feeding, and now he spits up very little.  I would recommend Enliven to anyone, and I always do. 


I had acute injury, pain in my back. I hadn't experienced an injury like this before, and wasn't sure the proper professional to treat the issue.  My sister convinced me to make an appointment with a chiropractor.  I feel as if my visit have been very successful, and don't feel any residual pain lasting effects of the injury now.  I am very pleased with my experience at Enliven Chiropractic.