Have you lost the spark?

Low Energy from the kids, work, stress, poor diet?

Financial stress, poor health and diet affecting your love life?

Are your sex hormones not at optimal levels?

The Vitality Functional Medicine program at Enliven Wellness is designed to restore your health and get the spark back in your love life.

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For the Guys

Feel Inadequate? Has your drive suffered? Has age affected your go?

Normal testosterone is needed to ensure that you feel your best. Unfortunately, sex hormones are not the top priority on energy expenditure. 

For the Ladies

Too tired for intimacy? Is Your Desire Lower than Normal?

Proper balance with all the female sex hormones is essential to ensure that your desire and drive are optimal. 

The Cause of Low Love Life

There is not one single cause of poor love life. Emotional, physical and biochemical issues are all contributing factors. For most people, its lack of biochemical energy. High stress and poor diet depletes your body's energy stores leading to accelerated aging and low hormone production. You are not alone, this quite common in today's high stress society. 

Time to get technical: low methylation is the problem. Simply put, the source of energy does not put a high value on sex hormones and reproduction as you age. The energy is utilized for other day to day biochemical reactions. Restoring your energy will ultimately restore your hormones to optimal levels and get your love life back on track. 


Get Back the Lovin' Feeling

The Vitality Functional Med program is designed to restore your low energy production. The best method to increasing hormone production in perfect balance is to let the body do it naturally!  

There are several options to improve your vitality.

  • Comprehensive Program
    • Start with labs to discover your current health status.
    • Develop a healthy diet plan that fits into your lifestyle.
    • Prescribe natural supplements to restore vitality, blood flow, hormone production and proper methylation. 
    • Specific exercise program to increase testosterone and improve stability and strength.
    • In-office therapies to increase energy production.
    • Neurofeedback to improve brain function.
  • Nutritional Support Only
    • Provide you professional grade supplements that are designed to improve your libido and overall health.
  • Customized Programs
    • These programs are designed specifically for you. Additional services are available including acupuncture, chiropractic care that addresses your reproductive health and high stress level. 

Remember - this works best when both partners are involved. 

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Improve Communication with Your Partner

We recommend that you start with Dr. Perman's book to best understand the communication methods between you and your partner. We have copies in the office or order it from Amazon here.