Fix Your Posture to Reduce Neck Pain

Fixing your posture may be the key to reducing your neck pain. 

The neck is much more important than a structure to hold up the head. The major structures of the neck are the muscles, vertebra (bones), arteries and nervous system (brain stem and spinal cord). 

Neck pain often times comes from the muscles working overtime to keep the head from sliding forward. Bad posture, forward weight distribution, loss of a normal neck curve causes the muscles to tighten up in order to prevent more serious injury.  Most of these conditions are rooted in a misaligned vertebra. Gently placing these bones back into their proper place helps to correct the overall neck position and leads to less spasm.

Many of our patients experience relief from chronic neck tightness soon after their fist correction and obtain lasting results after completing a treatment program. If you are interested in improving neck spasm and neck pain, let Enliven Chiropractic help. We will find and treat the source to get you back to being healthy. Call us at (304) 933-9355 to schedule a free consultation.

Dr. James Leonette | Enliven Chiropractic | Bridgeport, WV