Head and Face Pain

What it it?

Head and face pain, often called neuralgia, is an inflammation of the nerves and associated support system tissues. It is quite prevalent and often debilitating and must be differentiated from other common health issues like sinusitis, TMJ dysfunction, and tooth or salivary gland infections.

Conventional treatments for neuralgia were generally limited in their effect. With functional neurology, we can identify the part of the brain or the peripheral nerve causing your symptoms. 

cause of head and face pain

Most head and face pain issues relate to dysfunction of the trigeminal nerve. The source of origination can be on the face itself or in the nucleus of the nerve located in the brainstem. 

Treatment Options for Head and Face Pain & Neuralgia

Head and face pain and symptoms are some of the most debilitating issues. If you are suffering from one of these symptoms, there is hope. Symptoms involving the head and face often time respond to correction of the upper cervical misalignment. Published case studies involve: