Digestion is the Foundation of Health

functional medicine for digestion

Digestive health is the foundation for your overall health. The latest research shows that 70% of your immune system is based in your gut. Almost all chronic diseases are related to uncontrolled gut damage and lack of proper digestion.

Digestive Health & Leaky Gut

The primary purpose is to break down food, absorb nutrients and expel waste. It is accomplished through complex chemical processing, mechanical mixing and rhythmic muscle contractions that propel foodstuff down the line.

A breakdown at any part of this complex system will lead to inflammation throughout the body. Long term inflammation allows undigested food particles to pass through gut lining which is caused leaky gut.  

Gut is Your Second Brain

The gut is considered the second brain and is second largest repository of nerve cells outside of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord). The gut houses 100 million neurons and is responsible for production of most neurotransmitters and directly affects mood through seratonin production.  

Digestive health this the foundation for restoring your overall health. If you are exhibiting symptoms such as frequent bloating, diarrhea and chronic constipation, then this is a warning system that your digestive system is not working properly.