Natural Treatment to Reduce High Blood Pressure

There are several causes of high blood pressure. There are two primary issues: 

  • One is dysfunction in the brain and its ability to measure the blood pressure.
  • The second is kidney scarring and dysfunction. 

Brain Caused High Blood Pressure and Treatment

From the brain standpoint, misalignment of the Atlas vertebra has been shown to cause stress on the nervous system, its blood supply and increased blood pressure. Correction of this subluxation has been shown to reduced arterial blood pressure. Published case studies are documented in the Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research

Dr. Dickholtz, Sr. documented this decrease in blood pressure in a study published in The Journal Of Clinical Hypertension utilizing a chiropractic technique very similar to Atlas Orthogonal. For more information, please see is study Achievement Of Blood Pressure Goal with Atlas Realignment.

Kidney Caused High Blood Pressure and Treatment

Kidney scarring and fibrosis is a major cause of high blood pressure. As your blood filter, the pressure going in must meet the pressure leaving the kidneys. Scarring leads to reduced filtration function and causes an increase in back pressure (blood pressure) to push the fluid through. Fortunatley, the kidneys respond very favorably to frequency specific microcurrent. Enliven Wellness offers this 30 min treatment in house with our specialized microcurrent equipment.