Cold Laser Therapy in Bridgeport, WV

What is a cold laser or low level laser?

It is a therapeutic non-surgical medical grade laser that non-invasively and painlessly, penetrates 3 to 5 inches deep into the body with non-visible and visible light, into an injured area, to stimulate a new healing cycle

What does cold laser do?

Low Level Laser Therapy works to stimulate the damaged muscles, ligaments, nerves, bones, joint and soft tissue to re-grow and heal injured cells and tissues. Those who experience an increase in joint mobility and will begin to notice a reduction in inflammation, allowing them to return to their pre-injury state without relying on drugs or surgery.

It works on stimulating muscles, ligaments, nerves, bones, joints and soft tissue that have been injured or damaged in some way (impact, repetitive strain, age etc.) to re-grow and regenerate (heal) injured cells/tissue. It works on softening scar tissue that originally formed to protect the injured area. It increases joint mobility and reduces and stops inflammation, restoring the injured body part back to or near, pre-injury condition, without drugs or surgery.

Why does cold laser work?

The laser actually does something that no other device can do it creates ATP (the fuel used in our cells. It does this by beaming invisible and visible laser light that penetrates up to 5 inches deep into the tissue and stimulates the cells in such a way as to increase lymph flow, decrease the firing of pain fibers and re-initiates healing. The internal body mechanism will make endorphins (natural pain killers) that reduce pain.

How long does the Cold Laser treatment take?

Each treatment is fast, effective and non-invasive, painless, and has a cumulative and systemic effect. Sessions last from 20-40 minutes. For the best pain management program it is recommended to have 2 to 3 visits per week to maintain cell biostimulation. Our objective will be to get a new healing pattern to form and hold with less to no pain. We will develop a schedule tailored specifically to your condition. Normal Laser Treatment programs take between 2 and 8 weeks.

What results can I expect?

While some patients get immediate results, others usually require 3 to 6 treatments before there is a lasting effect. Typically after a course of treatment there will be an 80 to 100 percent improvement in function and an 80 to 100 percent reduction in pain. Patients will respond differently according to their own body’s natural healing rate and overall health. There are no maintenance visits required after the original treatment schedule has been satisfactorily completed.

Are there any side effects from Low Level Laser Treatment?

The FDA has approved the equipment. There are no documented cases of any side effects. The laser is never put directly in someone’s eyes and protective eyewear is always used while the laser is on. The therapy is non-drug, non-surgical, non-invasive and safe.

How do I know this treatment is for me?

At Enliven Chiropractic, we specialize in treating chronic pain and injuries associated with muscular-skeletal problems and the ravages of arthritis. We specialize in foot/ankle/leg problems including Plantar Fasciitis and bone spurs. Knee injuries, hip problems, and spinal problems like low back pain, mid back pain and neck and TMJ problems. Shoulder injuries, elbow wrist and hand problems, (including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Fibromyalgia conditions).

Is this treatment like traditional physical therapy tens units or ultrasound?

No. Ultrasound is a form of heat therapy and tens units are designed to mask pain, the lasers we use produce no heat and are actually repairing the cells in your body that are giving off pain signals. By illuminating the photoreceptive mitochondria in yours cells with the preferred wavelengths of light, the laser helps to restore pain signaled cells back to optimum health.

Is the equipment we use anything like the infomercials I see on the TV?

No, the infomercials you see on the TV claim to be lasers but are in actuality very low powered light emitting diodes (LEDs) that have virtually no power to get through the surface or your skin. The true Lasers we use actually pass through bone, up to many inches deep. The LED’s you see for sale have almost no power to get through our dermis and have no value in affecting human tissue.

Does this all sound too good to be true?

Please remember that although Cold Laser technology has been utilized in Canada, Europe & Japan for some years, the technology is still virtually new in the United States. There have been over 3000 medical studies recorded globally. The feedback from patients has been staggering. When a patient goes through a standard protocol of treatment, surveys typically report back an 80% to 100% improvement in function and an 80% to 100% improvement in pain reduction.

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The laser probe is applied directly to the skin and then activated by the practitioner. The patient will not feel any heat pain or discomfort during treatment. Cells that lack energy are unable to participate in the healing process until enough ATP has been produced. The laser works by stimulating the mitochondria of the cell, the cell engine to produce ATP at higher rates.

Cellular energy is produced by the mitochondria by absorbing glucose molecules and converting them into Adenosine triphosphate molecules. When red light is applied directly to the cell the process of converting glucose to Adenosine triphosphate is rapidly increased through the mitochondria allowing the cell to replicate faster.

When the cell has produced enough ATP to perform cell division, it can start to participate in the healing process. Energized cells will build upon one another rebuilding the damaged area and healing the patients’ condition on a cellular level. After only a few Cold Laser treatments the patient’s condition will be healed and the patient can return to full activity.