Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Being an athlete means caring for your body which is essential to your daily life..  

Some sports injuries occur suddenly and acutely.  Football, rugby, skiing and other high-impact sports feature falls and collisions that can jolt the musculo-skeletal system severely. Improperly warmed-up tissues are also subject to acute injuries, including torn muscles, sprained tendons and stretched ligaments. But even if you play a relatively low-impact sport, injuries can sneak up on you slowly but surely. Poor muscle tone, improper technique and/or unbalanced musculo-skeletal alignment can all contribute to a category of damage known as overuse injuries.  A misalignment can cut off the normal communication of information between the brain and the body.  These communication breakdowns can lead to serious health issues and injury.   

Overuse injuries typically occur when one particular joint is subjected to excessive strain over a long period of time, allowing small tears and scarring to form within the tissues. Such injuries includes:

  • Tennis elbow and golfer's elbow

  • Runner's knee and related knee pain

  • Plantar fasciitis (heel and foot inflammation)

  • Frozen shoulder

Whether you are a professional athlete or amateur athlete, Enliven Chiropractic care can help bring the body into proper alignment after injury and also help treat the soft tissue damage that results from injuries. Combined with exercise and stretching advice Enliven Chiropractic care helps facilitate the healing process of these injuries to get athletes back into game shape and competing once again.   Throughout our care, we will restore spinal health and keep the body properly aligned to maximize the function of the body.  

All athletes receive a personalized care that begins with a treatment plan that is designed for the specific patient.  We analyze each patient’s specific injury approach treatment with the goal of restoring the patient’s athletic function.

If you have sustained an athletic injury and are looking for the absolute best care, give us a call on 304 933-9355 or complete the form.