Lower Back Pain is Common with Pregnancy, Natural Treatment is Available 

Chiropractic Treatment for Pregnancy Pain

Back, pelvic and neck pain are common during pregnancy. In the first trimester, the ovaries start production of relaxin, a hormone that functions to relax the ligaments in the pelvis in order to widen the birth canal. As a result, the pelvis will shift and loosen during the three trimesters. Instabilities in the pelvis may translate through the spine and affect your neck, mid back or extremities.

During pregnancy, chiropractic is an excellent choice to treat your pain through natural methods. Care is taken to identify the current position of your pelvic bones and gently guide them back into their proper alignment. At Enliven Chiropractic, we utilize a lighter force technique with the Activator instrument to ensure a successful comfortable adjustment.

American Pregnancy Association advocates chiropractic care during pregnancy. Dr. Leonette regularly sees prenatal and postnatal mothers and their newborns. 

Webster Technique for Breech Presentation

In approximately 1 out of 25 full-term births, the baby fails to position head down; this is referred to as a breech presentation. The late Dr. Larry Webster developed a technique that enable chiropractor to reduce stress on the pregnancy woman's pelvis which allows the uterus and supporting ligaments to relax. American Pregnancy Association does an excellent job of explaining the technique. The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics report an 82% success rates of babies turning vertex with this technique. 

Enliven Chiropractic utilizes the Webster Technique to assist in turning breech babies.