Fight Obesity by Feeding Your Kids this One Supplement


The Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics has published significant research linking low Vitamin D levels with obesity in children. Vitamin D is more of a hormone than a true vitamin. The Mayo Clinic states that Vitamin D has a significant effect on energy levels, absorption of calcium, building strong bones, lowering high blood pressure, preventing cancer. 

The source is as important as having the right level. Vitamin D is fat soluble, so it does build up in your system. Too much and you end up toxic, too little and a whole host of symptoms and disease states.

Lets look at the sources:

  1. Sunlight - this is the most optimal. However, West Virginia is a poor location for Vitamin D exposure due to high level of overcast skies and geographical position. At the 39th latitude, we are far north of the optimal southern regions for sunlight exposure in winter months, a major source of Vitamin D. In summer months, 5-15 minutes of sun exposure to arms and legs is enough to meet the body's requirements. 
  2. Milk - A dose of 2 IU (International Units) per cup is minimal. With all the negative health effects of dairy, I would be hesitant to make any recommendation to drink milk as your source of Vitamin D. 
  3. Supplements - Two things have to be correct with this. The dose and the source. Dose is determined from blood work. We recommend that you are 40-60 range. Most patient results are in the low 30's. The doctor determines the dose, frequency and duration to improve your overall Vitamin D levels.

Source - I am extraordinarily picky about the source of Vitamin D supplementation. With many of the store brands found to be adulterated, I only recommend brands that I have evaluated from a compliance standpoint.  

At Enliven Chiropractic, we offer a high quality Vitamin D supplement and can order lab test if very low levels are suspected. Call me and I'll be happy to provide you with our recommended product lines. 

Dr. James Leonette | Enliven Chiropractic | Bridgeport, WV