From Brain to the Heart, How We Are Wired

Our human body design is amazing. Trillions of cells working in unison, keeping the body alive and healthy, fighting invaders, healing wounds. We are wired better than a super computer, able to coordinate a vast array of body functions without conscience control. 

When this wiring system is affected, lack of health results, we often call this dis-ease or disease. Over a prolonged time, the input into the brain gets altered and brain's neural network gets distorted. On the body level, the lungs are prone to bronchitis, gall bladder gets frequent stones, blood pressure rises, children wet the bed. 

There is an American made health care system designed to fully address this dysfunction; its chiropractic. Let me start with chiropractic will not cure these conditions of disease. What Chiropractic can do is more important; a specific adjustment will remove interference between the brain and the affected organ and allow the body to heal the way it was designed to.

The nervous system of your body is like our highway system. From the brain, nerves bound for the heart are bundled in the spinal cord and then exit at the thoracic (mid-back) at T1-T5. Each organ has a specific pattern of connection to the brain. Check out the photo below for a map.

Poor posture and repeated stresses can cause the passageways that these nerves pass through to misalign and swell, thus causing pressure on the nerves. A specific Chiropractic adjustment will re-align the passageway and clear the pathway between the organ and the brain. Maintaining this alignment will keep the brain signals flowing freely and allow the organ to heal.


Meric Chart

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Dr. James Leonette | Enliven Wellness | Bridgeport, WV