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How Your Diet Affects Your Life

Your diet is one of the leading factors affecting your quality of life. If you are living with body stiffness, low energy or chronic pain, your diet may be the single largest contributor. The 2002 WHO paper describes the significant link between diet and obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and osteoporosis. 

Healthy diets and physical activity are key to good nutrition and necessary for a long and healthy life. Eating nutrient dense foods and balancing energy intake with the necessary physical activity to maintain a healthy weight is essential at all stages of life. Unbalanced consumption of foods high in energy (sugar, starch and/or fat) and low in essential nutrients contributes to energy excess, overweight and obesity. The amount of the energy consumed in relation to physical activity and the quality of food are key determinants of nutrition related chronic disease.

Enliven is here to support you in addressing your nutritional improvement. We have plans to assist you with weight loss, improve nutrition status and overhauling your diet. Poor diet leads to chronic inflammation. 

The Cause of Poor Health is Chronic Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is caused by an immune system that is overactive. Repeated exposure to substances that were not meant to be in the body causes the immune cells to be in a constant state of attack. As a by product of targeting and destroying this foreign invaders, your body tissue gets damaged. Long term damage causes many diseases to exhibit their symptoms.

Brain fog and bloating are early indicator of chronic inflammation. Many disease states can progress along due to inflammation. Most of the common chronic disease states have a significant relationship with inflammation like asthma, arthritis, thyroid disorders and GERD.  Check out Dr. Mercola's site for more information.  

Loose Weight, Feel Healthy Again

Everyone has tried to loose weight. Most succeed for a short time and then gain it back. If you have been through his process and are looking for a longer lasting alternative we may have the solution. Our programs are not built on will power versus time; that method is not sustainable over the long term. Instead, we identify what nutrients your body is lacking (i.e. craving) and build a sustainable diet based on sound science to help you achieve your realistic weight loss goals. .  

Our Weight Loss, Diet and Nutrition Services

Our clinical nutrition program is designed reduce your chronic inflammation and support your body's internal healing by providing the right nutrients and removing harmful anti-nutrients, toxins and allergens. 

Functional medicine

Baseline and progress information is crucial to determining your nutritional health. Enliven utilizes blood and urine laboratory testing to identify metabolic health issues and provides proper diet supplementation to restore proper body functions.

JUMP START with our 60 Day healthy start Diet Program

Our Healthy Start Program is ideal for individuals that need to good starting point. This is a great tool for quick healthy weight loss. This diet program was designed to reduce chronic inflammation and improve your gastrointestinal (GI) health. It is ideal for those with damaged intestinal walls / leaky gut syndrome. Our diet program uses the highest quality supplements and food recommendations. You will be coached throughout the entire 60 days to ensure that you reach your maximum potential. 

improve your health with personalized Diets

Utilizing data from your laboratory tests, Dr. Leonette builds you a customized diet. The plan remove anti-nutrients, toxins and allergens to assist in your healing.   

Hand picked dietary supplements

Dr. Leonette hand picks all the dietary supplements recommended at Enliven. With years of experience working for U.S. Food and Drug Administration and extensive knowledge of good manufacturing practices (GMPs), he thoroughly vets every manufacturer before product selection. All dietary supplements recommendations are designed to fit into your diet and feed your body the nutrition it needs. 

Reprogram Your Thinking

The Mind Spa at Enliven utilizes Self-Mastery Technology so support you conscious and subconscious mind during your initial and ongoing diet modifications. Our diet support system uses delivers gentle pulses of light and binaural beat tones to rewire your brain. This form of brainwave training works by retraining your thoughts and emotions relating to food, health and self-esteem.