Do Eating Fats Make Me Fat?

Do eating fats make me fat? Does being fat really hurt my health?

These are two questions that I field daily as a holistic chiropractic physician.The answer may surprise you.

If you take a step back from the minutia of intricate body systems, you will see that that we are basically a soul and a meat suit controlled by the brain. So, lets talk about the meat suit known as your body. The majority of it is made up of fluids, proteins and fats. In fact, your brain weighs about 4 pounds and 3+ pounds of that is fat!

Question #1: Do Eating Fats make me Fat?

Fats may turn out to be one of the most important parts, so why do you want to avoid them in the your diet? A recent study examining 600,000 individuals shows that intake of fats is not harmful over the long term. I encourage you to check out this article and read one of my life changing books, Grain Brain by Dr. David Perlmutter. In a nutshell, he recommend a natural gluten free diet, low in carbs and moderate intake of fats.

Question #2: Does Being Fat Really Hurt My Health?

For those trying to identify where they currently are on the spectrum of health in regards to obesity, I strongly suggest that your read The Obesity Paradox: When Thinner Means Sicker by Dr. Lavie. His years of research as a cardiologist indicates that having a BMI between 25-32 and being fit is more protective that being unfit and skinny. 

Question #3: How Do I Improve My Health?

These is a ton of confusing information out there. There are two basic things you can do.

  1. Reduce body stress. Improve your diet and get active.
  2. Reduce brain stress that leads to body stress.  Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to improve the brain waves and reduce stress.

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Dr. James Leonette

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