Alternative to Medical Treatment for Strengthening Your Immune System - Autoimmune Info

If you are reading this then there is a good chance this is the question running through your head "I have an autoimmune disease, what are my alternative options to medicine?"

Let me start with you are not alone. Many people have autoimmune disorders. It's scary when you have been diagnosed and then search Google and find out that according to many sources it is not curable. 

Having myself been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, I understand what you are going through. Its always frightful when you realize your body is attacking itself. A war is waging within you that you have no control over. 

Over the past few years, I have tried traditional medicine and abbreviated functional medicine protocols. Nothing seemed to work. Energy kept decreasing and autoimmune antibody titters kept rising. I was no longer able to tolerate any stress. Everything took effort. I knew something was seriously wrong. As my prescription for thryoid medication continued to increased, my symptoms stayed the same. There seemed to be a key component missing. 

I set out to understand the underlying issues and focused my attention on functional medicine training over the past few years. I began to understand my health. Through attending multiple conferences, studying with the best functional med doctors, research, research and more research, I believe I have found the most complete system for treating autoimmune disorders and will be bringing it to Enliven Chiropractic in early 2017. 

On the diagnosis side, we have partnered with the most advanced laboratories in the U.S. We have acquired sophisticated in-house testing equipment to measure biochemical imbalances, autonomic nervous system dysfunction and toxicities. On the treatment side, we have added state of the art equipment and identified the absolute best supplementation to restore your energetic and biochemical balance.  Restoring this balance will greatly aid in your body's ability to self heal. 

If you are ready to experience it for yourself, contact us today to schedule your holistic health evaluation appointment. This will be a separate and unique program from our chiropractic clinic and will require special scheduling. Please call us to discuss if you are a candidate. 304-933-9355.  To learn more visit our Holistic Healthcare Information.

 Our system is all about improving balance not treating specific diseases!