Jet Lag Treatment without Pills

Reset Your Biological Clock


Our bodies have an internal biological clock that is based on a circadian (24 hour) rhythm.  There is a complicated series of hormone releases that influences everything from feeling alert and strength to bowel movements. 


Our busy stress filled days can play havoc on this rhythm. Most of Americans rely on on the caffeine in coffee to manipulate their body cycle. Caffeine alters more than your perceived alert level, a 2011 NIH study documents that effect of caffeine biological markers and the expression of disease.  Even environmental factors can influence your body's schedule; according to Harvard Medical School, energy efficient lighting has an effect on our system. 

Natural Jet Lag Self Treatment

Sound advice is to establish a regular sleep pattern and reducing caffeine consumption. Sometimes our bodies need a jump start. one of the best tools I've found involves stimulating a series of accu-pressure points on the body at specific times. I used this system extensively when I had to travel internationally in my previous career.  It was designed for jet lag but can help to restore your body to a normal rhythm.  The system involves a series of tapping specific points on your body on certain times. Dr. John Amaro does an excellent job explaining it on his website.

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