Its Snowing...Be Safe Shoveling

man shoveling snow off roof

Its the first day of real snow in Bridgeport. Snow shoveling is one of the more common causes of back injuries this time of year. Be safe these types of injuries are preventable. 

Follow our simple tips to avoid low back injury 

Warm Up First

Tight cold muscles are more prone to injury. Loosen your muscles and joint by moving them in 10 clockwise circles followed by 10 counter clockwise circles. Start at the wrists, go to the elbows then to the shoulders. Follow up with the ankles, knees and hips. Warm up the core with a brisk walk or marching in place. 

Pick the Right Snow Shovel

A curve handled ergonomic shovel helps take some of the effort out of snow removal. A small, lightweight, plastic blade helps reduce the amount of weight that you are moving.

Shoveling Tips & Technique

  • Keep your back straight. 
  • Avoid excessive bending and twisting.
  • Lift only what you can: Heavy, wet snow may require smaller shovel loads.
  • Take rest and stretch breaks. If you become overly sweaty, dizzy or short of breath, it’s important to stop and take a break. If you continue to feel ill, or suspect a serious medical problem, seek emergency help right away.
  • Push the shovel from the edge of the handle, shift body weight from back leg to front leg instead of bending at the waist. Keep your knees bent.

For information about Enliven Chiropractic or proper ergonomics, call (304) 933-9355. 

Bridgeport Weather Snow

Bridgeport Weather Snow