Look at My Lab Results | Dr. James Leonette

I had lab work done the late part of last week on Jan 8. After two vials of blood, a urine test and physical assessment, I eagerly awaited the results. I got good news at the very beginning. Blood pressure 120/64; resting pulse was 50! 

I received the test results this morning. Out of the 27 blood tests, I scored beyond perfect. 26 of the tests were within the reference range. One exceeded Quest Diagnostic's limits and I am ecstatic about that one. The test highlighted in orange is for HDL cholesterol. HDL is considered the good cholesterol and helps to remove plaquing on the walls of arteries. The higher the better in this case.  

Here's my secret. Eat well and exercise intensely for short periods.

My exercise programming involves cross fit and recreational soccer. The staff at Ronin Fitness on Old Bridgeport Hill is amazing at setting up programs to meet your physical level.

My diet includes a healthy dose of butter, bacon, beef and eggs. However, quality is very important; organic butter, grass fed beef and eggs are mostly from free range chickens. This diet provides a generous amount of cholesterol that powers the brain and is an important building block of hormones. I supported these nutrients by reducing the amount of inflammation causing anti-nutrients in my body, specifically gluten. I am now working on reducing other inflammation causing anti-nutrients oxalates, phylates and lectins.  

With laboratory numbers like these, I am assured that chronic inflammation and its related diseases like obesity, diabetes and GERD are staying away. I feel great, move great and want to help others achieve this level of health success. If you need help modifying your diet, resoring balance or reducing inflammation check out our new Clinical Nutrition site.