Are You a Chiropractic Coward?

Have you ever wanted to try Chiropractic but hate the thought of having your neck twisted? There are many techniques in the Chiropractic field that work extremely well, but many of us prefer a lighter touch. During my studies, I found that instrument assisted adjusting produces the same, if not superior results to hand adjusting techniques. 

Over the last 9+ years, I have studied and practiced a state-of-the-art technique called Atlas Orthogonal, which uses a gentle sound wave to deliver the adjustment. Brain wave balancing adjustments are followed up with a handheld instrument called an Activator.

If you are searching for a gentle approach to chiropractic or have been told by a non-chiropractic physician that you can never be adjusted, call me for a consultation at (304) 933-9355. I've seen thousands of patients, many with cervical (neck) fusions, scoliosis, osteoporosis, MS and other states.

Chiropractic is about improving health, not treating disease. At Enliven, we aim to do that with the least amount of force necessary.

Dr. James Leonette | Enliven Chiropractic | (304) 933-9355

Chiropractors are skilled physicians and must meet rigorous standards to demonstrate their manual adjusting skills. All 'twisting' techniques taught at Chiropractic colleges are within the physiologic limits of the body and have ample evidence to support their therapeutic benefit. While I do not personally utilize these techniques, they do have merit and I recommend that every person seek Chiropractic care to prevent illness and rehabilitate after injury.